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About FourthMouse

FourthMouse is a newly created software consulting firm with many years of development experience catering to the digital nomads around the world. We are unique in that we offer full stack solutions to fit your individual needs at a reasonable price. FourthMouse was founded by a small group of hyper productive engineers who were unsatisfied by modern day development practices. While the other three blind mice code aroud eachother in circles, the FourthMouse gets everything done.

New Technology

Implementing old, stale, technology can not only be detrimental for a successful product launch, but the engineers working on the project also get bored! We work with new technology and determine what is best on a per project basis. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach which means each solution is uniquely designed with you in mind.


We are taking applications from self-starters who need a project implemented, as well as applications from self-starters who would like to help implement projects. If you have an idea that needs to be implemented quickly and thoroughly, or want to do programming remotely, then FourthMouse is right for you!

Work from... Wherever

Our team is flexible for working from home, in the mountains, or wherever you see fit. In the digital age, offices just add unnecessary overhead, so we pass that savings on to you. We prefer to take meetings over video conference rather than in person to save time and money. This allows us to stay flexible and makes everyone happier.

Direct Compensation

At FourthMouse we believe the developers should be paid for the work they do directly. This allows for projects to be completed with minimal overhead, and allows for project owners to interact more directly with the engineers building projects. You will be compensated directly based on the quality and quantity of work that you produce.